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WAY 5000 Formerly Known As Way Systems (formally known as Way Systems)

Way Systems People
In late 2010, Verifone acquired Way Systems and renamed the leading wireless merchant terminal the WAY 5000. This solution is a leading wireless merchant solution designed to serve any company that accepts payments outside of their own retail store. The Way 5000 enables payments virtually anywhere there's a cellular signal. This wireless feature and swipe technology enables you to qualify for low risk qualified swipe transactions. This could amount to a savings in excess of 50% of current processing rates! Fill out the form on the left and see if you qualify to get this cutting edge terminal for free.

Way 5000 Key Benefits

Way Systems
  • Accept swipe and key punch transactions virtually anywhere there is a cellular signal
  • Accept credit card, debit card, echeck, gift card and loyalty cards with 1 terminal
  • Internal PCI approved pin pad
  • Highly Secure: PCI PED compliant
  • Supports tips, tolls, receipts and invoice numbers
  • Reduce Fraud with AVS and CVV/CVC verification
  • Ready-to-go solution right out of the box. Just turn it on and go.
  • Long battery life, 400 transactions and 2 days of stand-by-time without a charge.
  • 16MB of flash memory for easy upload of transactions into any accounting system

Why should I work with Choice Merchant Services?

  • We'll give you the WAY 5000, AKA Way Systems terminal for free. That's a $486 value.
  • Rates start at 1.05%.
  • We offer a consultative sales approach which can help you know exactly what you need.
  • We back it up with great merchant services support which makes getting setup easy.
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