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How do I qualify for free merchant equipment?

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95% of the time you will qualify for free merchant equipment. Want a definitive answer now? Fill out the free merchant equipment form on the top left of this web page and find out.

What merchant equipment solutions do you provide?

We provide just about all of them. Our most popular merchant equipment solutions are highlighted below:

  • - an online payment gateway.
  • Dial Charge - use any cell phone to accept credit cards.
  • First Data FD100 - a fast, simple and secure touch screen credit card terminal.
  • Hypercom T7P - a small and fast merchant equipment solution with its own thermal printer.
  • Nurit 8020 - a small and flexible handheld payment terminal with all the bells and whistles to accept all forms of credit and debit cards.
  • Omni VX570 - merchant services equipment with a built in thermal printer and ethernet hookup
  • PCCharge - a simple software and hardware solution to accepts payments via a computer.
  • Plugnpay - a robust payment gateway for all types of credit card transactions.
  • Verfione VX510 - a fast hardware solution to accept credit and debit cards in seconds.
  • Verifone VX570 - a versatile merchant services equipment solution that comes with a printer, as well as the ability for dial-up and broadband connections.
  • Verifone VX670 - the world's smallest all-solutions-in-one wireless handheld payment device. Get it for free with an agreement with Choice Merchant Services.
  • Vivopay 4000 - accept credit cards through the traditional swipe method plus innovative and fast tap-and-go technology.
  • Way Systems - a secure wireless credit card processing machine
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