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Do you want free merchant equipment? Fill out the form on the left of this page to see if you qualify for free merchant services equipment. Want to know more about our merchant equipment and solutions? Read below.

  • - an online payment gateway that can be accessed from any computer with an Internet connection. This comes with very low monthly fees and a lot of flexibility, as well as accounting systems.
  • Dial Charge - accept credit cards remotely using your phone.
  • First Data FD100 - a fast and secure touch screen credit card terminal. We give this merchant services equipment for free.
  • Hypercom T7P - delivers fast transactions and authorizations. It can sit easily on a small counter area and comes with its own thermal printer. This we can give to you for free as well.
  • Nurit 8020 - a small and flexible handheld payment terminal. Qualifying merchants can receive this terminal for free. It comes with everything you need to accept credit cards and has an internal pin pad for accepting debit cards and comes with a thermal printer.
  • Omni VX570 - this type of merchant services equipment comes with a built in thermal printer and ethernet connectivity.
  • PCCharge - a versatile PC-based point of sale system that also offers great phone order and mail order capabilities. We offer this merchant equipment for a very low monthly fee, and we offer it free to many qualifying merchants.
  • Plugnpay - a robust payment gateway that can be used for all types of credit card transactions ranging from phone order to in person.
  • Verfione VX510 - a free and fast hardware solution to accept credit and debit cards in just a few seconds.
  • Verifone VX570 - a versatile free merchant services equipment solution that comes with a printer and the ability to connect through both dial-up and Ethernet.
  • Verifone VX670 - the world's smallest all-solutions-in-one wireless handheld payment device. Get it for free with an agreement with Choice Merchant Services.
  • Vivopay 4000 - accept credit cards through the traditional swipe method plus innovative and fast tap-and-go technology that is gaining adoption across the United States. Soon most smartphones will come with a built in tap-and-go chip to accept credit cards. Lead the industry now and get it for free from Choice Merchant Services.
  • Way Systems - this merchant equipment is a secure wireless credit card processing machine. Qualified merchants can get it for free.

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