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Hypercom T7P Terminal

Hypercom T7P
Get the Hypercom T7P terminal for free from Choice Merchant Services. This terminal retails for $185.00. This terminal comes with either a thermal or friction printer. It is small, user-friendly, popular and can be used to accept credit cards, debit cards, check, void transactions and refund customers. It is designed for point-of-sale transactions, but can also be used for mail order and phone order transactions.

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Why should I use the Hypercom T7P with Choice Merchant Services?

Hypercom Guy
  • You can get the T7P for free from us. It retails for $185.00.
  • We could give you a rate as low as 1.05%.
  • The T7P is an all-in-one payment system for credit card, debit card and echeck.
  • We will program it for you for free to accept your payment transactions.
  • We will give you great customer service.
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