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Dial Pay Merchant Services

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Why get credit card processing equipment that you don't really need? With Dial Pay, there is no equipment to buy or rent in order to accept credit card transactions. You only need a phone. This solution is perfect for accepting payments in the field, at a trade-show, a delivery, or any other place in the world that you want to accept payments. All that you need is a phone and a wireless signal.

Why should I use Dial Pay with Choice Merchant Services?

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  • Accept payments anytime and anywhere
  • It's simple, easy and intuitive
  • We back everything up with fanatical customer service
  • We have rates that start at 1.05%
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What are the steps to running a transaction with Dial Pay?

Step 1: Call our toll free processing number.
Step 2: Enter your account number
Step 3: Enter the payment amount
Step 4: Enter the credit card information and submit.
Step 5: You are then given a confirmation with confirmation number.
Step 6: Within 24-hours, the money has been transferred over into your checking account.

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