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Quickbooks Merchant Software

Quickbooks Merchant Services
We offer several options for easy Intuit Quickbooks Merchant software integration which include:

  • Plugnpay - A robust electronic payment gateway that can be used for all forms of electronic transactions. It has a built in Quickbooks module for Quickbooks merchant services integration. This system is specifically designed for ecommerce merchant services setups but it can be used for mail order, phone order and just about any type of payment processing.
  • Authorize.net - An online payment gateway that can be used for all forms of electronic transactions. It comes with a built in a Quickbooks plugin for easy integration.
  • PCCharge Payment System - This retails for $625 and we give it away as a completely free Quickbooks merchant equipment solution. With it, you can accept all forms of electronic payment at any PC. With this system you will be able to accept payments in person, over the phone, through mail, or through most other means of accepting payments electronically.
  • Quickbooks 2011 & Quickbooks 2010 - These software-based quickbooks merchant equipment solutions come with the abilities to process through Quickbooks itself, view and print receipts, have all data populate into financial databases, processing feeds, billings and more.

Can You Solve My Quickbooks Merchant Equipment Problem?

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The dilemma that many businesses like yours have is that integrating all electronic payment methods into your Quickbooks accounting and accounts receivable is a manual and inefficient process. We make it easy for you by giving you low cost Quickbooks merchant equipment solutions and even free Quickbooks merchant equipment solutions like PCCharge.

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Why should I work with Choice Merchant Services?

Some of the advantages of working with us include:

  • Easy and automated Intuit Quickbooks plugins for merchant services
  • Credit card and echeck processing solutions within Quickbooks itself
  • Rates starting at 1.05%
  • Great customer service
  • Free Quickbooks merchant software & Solutions
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