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Free Restaurant Merchant Equipment

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We offer free restaurant merchant equipment to companies looking for a restaurant merchant account. Below is some of the free merchant equipment that we offer to restaurants:

  • PCCharge - a computer-based point of sale system that can work across many registers and restaurant locations.
  • Hypercom T7P - one of the most popular types of free restaurant merchant equipment that we offer. It boasts fast processing and printing times.
  • Nurit 8020 - a compact and versatile payment terminal. It comes with a built in fast thermal printer and pin pad. It's an all-in-one solution to accept electronic payments.
  • Omni VX570 - a quick processing restaurant terminal with a built in thermal printer and Ethernet connectivity.
  • Verfione VX510 - a hardware solution that can reduce processing time to just 5 seconds per transaction.
  • Verifone VX570 - an easy to use restaurant merchant terminal that has a built-in thermal printer.
  • First Data FD100 - a touch screen credit card restaurant merchant equipment terminal

Free Restaurant Merchant Equipment & Great Merchant Services

Free Restaurant Merchant Equipment Terminal
Yes, we do offer free merchant services equipment to our merchants. Yet, why else should you work with Choice Merchant Services? We offer you:

  • Low restaurant merchant services rates - starting at just 1.05%
  • Easy to use systems to accept payments
  • Fully customizable restaurant merchant solutions
  • Great customer service

Which free restaurant merchant equipment solution is right for you?

Contact us for a quote and consultation, and we'll show you why we are a provider of the best merchant services for restaurants, fast food locations, and food service locations. We will figure out a custom solution that fits your particular processing needs.

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